This is the best time of year to plant up those spring bulbs. One my favourites are the stunning Allium Hollandicum. Plant deep, usually 3 times their size (around 12cm/5in deep). This also stops the pesky squirrels and mice stealing them. Always mass plant in odd numbers.

One gorgeous tulip is Tulipa Don Quichotte. Plant 9 bulbs per 30cm sq, roughly 20cm deep. You could edge with Crocus tommasinianus.

When planting use a a good mix of organic matter and grit to aid drainage.

For pots select a John Innes No2 and mix two parts compost to one part grit for good drainage.

Try successional planting with early flowering snowdrops, Camassias in mid spring, Aliums for late spring and early summer varieties.

If you have a large area don’t be afraid to scatter bulbs like Crocuses and dwarf daffodils. Cover deeply with soil. They will naturalise over the coming years and look stunning around trees such as Himalayan Jacquemontii. Don’t forget too the beautiful English Bluebells ‘Hyacinthoides non-scripta’

Another top tip of mine, is buy large trees and hedging bare root. These are widely available from trade nurseries in the winter. You get so much more for your money!